In Okinawa Prefecture Tavern skewered square (kushikado) is the charcoal-grilled specialty at 10 stores to open! Feel free to enjoy delicious sake to spit! All you can eat & drink offers, such as unlimited plan, await your visit!

Complete the in KUSHIKADO tomigusuku shop in mothers with young children and their families safe kids! Authentic char-grilled using charcoal spit or fresh still drinks with a variety of dishes such as sashimi available. Well one staff person is often a lively shop! Style with an elegant atmosphere in tasty spit, liquor or do? It is very popular drink all you can eat!

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Our recommendation!

An extensive menu

We have extensive menu Okinawa cuisine and authentic spit roast.

Tomigusuku Shop equipped children's room! I'm also on each table are equipped with TV.(^^)/

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