In Okinawa Prefecture Tavern skewered square (kushikado) is the charcoal-grilled specialty at 10 stores to open! Feel free to enjoy delicious sake to spit! All you can eat & drink offers, such as unlimited plan, await your visit!

Day 15: from open! Eat the best food all you can drink 100 products, drinks 54 products from 3 hours! Eat all you can drink. Equipped with that information up, up to 48 people group seats and kids room available accommodate up to 20 people! TV in all tables, perfect for the sporting and popular!

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Our recommendation!

An extensive menu

We have extensive menu Okinawa cuisine and authentic spit roast.

Most feel vibrant flavours of grilled and shop counter!
Maximum of 50 persons of the corporate seats are available!

Children in the kid's room have been delighted!
Kids room seats non-smoking is peace of mind to families with children!
Rest assured views from seats in the kid's room!

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